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For Guys

PRC Medical offers counseling specifically tailored to men involved in an unexpected pregnancy. You can trust our team to listen to your concerns and support you through the journey.

If you think your partner may be pregnant,
schedule a pregnancy test at PRC Medical today.

Advice for Guys

Stay Calm

It’s OK to feel angry, frustrated, and even scared. But you need to stay calm as you discuss the pregnancy. Your partner needs you to support her while you express yourself honestly.

Gather the Facts

Before you make any decisions, it’s important to get all the information about your options. You should also make sure she’s really pregnant. PRC Medical offers pregnancy tests at no cost to you or your partner and provides support as you talk through your options.

Don’t Pressure Her

The situation involves more than just you. It’s essential to listen to her feelings and not pressure her to make decisions she’s not ready to commit to.

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