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Will Georgia Medicaid Pay for Abortion?

In each state, there are unique laws either restricting or protecting abortion rights. In some states, like Georgia, state Medicaid will cover abortion under special circumstances, like rape or incest. 

Read this article to learn more about the abortion laws in our state and what pregnancy options are available to you.

What are the Abortion Laws in Georgia?

As of July 2022, abortion is only available up to 6 weeks of gestational age in our state. 

In addition to this ban on early abortion, there are other instructions, including: 

  • Unless there is a medical emergency, a woman must provide voluntary and informed consent at least 24 hours before the abortion.
  • Minors must also notify their parent or guardian 24 hours before the procedure (unless they receive a judicial bypass).
  • A physician must prescribe medical abortion. 

Will Georgia Medicaid Pay for Abortion?

Medicaid only covers abortion in cases of rape or incest. Although abortion options are limited in Georgia, here are a few options available to you: 

  • Medicaid: If you qualify for Medicaid, this will help cover healthcare costs associated with prenatal care and birth. 
  • WIC (Women’s, Infants, and Children’s) program: If you choose to carry your pregnancy to term, WIC will help provide you with education and resources such as food and diapers. 

If you are considering an abortion and your pregnancy is past six weeks, you are still not without options or local resources. At PRC Medical, we offer no-cost consultations where you can learn about more resources and discuss your options.

How Much Does Abortion Cost?

Many pregnancies remain undetected before five or six weeks, so if you are calculating the cost of abortion at about six weeks of pregnancy, traveling could be your only legal abortion option.

You’ll want to consider the expense of transportation, lodging, and any days you may need to take off of work to travel and recover from the procedure. 

If your insurance provider does not cover abortion, abortion can cost an average of over $500 for medication abortion, and could range in the hundreds to several thousands of dollars for a surgical abortion. The cost depends on a variety of factors, and not all insurance plans will cover the cost of an elective abortion. 

What Should I Do Before Getting an Abortion?

At PRC Medical, we offer helpful health screenings that will give you more information about your pregnancy that may impact your decision. The results of an ultrasound will inform you of what procedures you’re eligible for based on the age of the pregnancy.

With no-cost pregnancy testing and ultrasounds, we can verify the pregnancy’s age, location, and viability to help eliminate the possible health complications of an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

Pregnancy can be daunting or make you feel like you are without options. But we are here to work with you to create a pregnancy plan you feel confident in.
Contact us today to schedule your no-cost appointment!