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Where Can I Get the Abortion Pill in Douglasville, GA?

After the overturning of Roe v. Wade, abortion was banned after six weeks of gestational age in Georgia. A lower-court judge overruled this, but the State Supreme Court reinstated this ban.

This ruling means the abortion pill is only available up to 6 weeks of gestational age in our state. Medical abortion must be prescribed by a physician. 

However, there are other restrictions, including women providing voluntary and informed consent at least 24 hours before the abortion except in cases of medical emergency. Minors must also notify their parent or guardian 24 hours prior to the procedure unless they receive judicial bypass.

How Much Does Traveling Out of State for an Abortion Cost? 

If you are considering traveling out of state for an abortion, you’ll want to consider the expense of transportation (as well as how far you’re traveling), lodging, and any days you may need to take off work to travel.

Without insurance coverage, abortion can cost an average of over $500 for medication abortion and several thousand dollars for a surgical abortion. This depends on a number of factors, and not all insurance plans will cover the cost for abortion. 

What Should I Do Before Getting an Abortion?

You don’t have to leave the state to get answers or support. Here are a few steps you should take before medical abortion.

Pregnancy Test, An Ultrasound and More

At PRC Medical, we offer no-cost clinical pregnancy testing and ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy.

These essential screenings can confirm the pregnancy, so you can be confident. An ultrasound can alert you to health complications such as an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage, which require procedures other than abortion for treatment.

Depending on your health history, our nurse may recommend additional tests that may reduce the risks of common complications that can occur with pregnancy termination.

An ultrasound will also tell you how far along you are, which is valuable information when considering abortion inside or outside of Georgia.

Options Counseling

We offer no-cost consultations at PRC Medical, where you can learn about the risks of abortion, local resources available to you, and alternate options. We provide a safe, confidential environment where you can discuss your questions and concerns and be empowered to make the best decision.

Where Can Women Find Help in Georgia? 

Although abortion access is not available in Georgia after six weeks of gestational age, you are not without local options or support. Here are a few options available to you: 

  • Medicaid: If you qualify for Medicaid, this will help cover healthcare costs associated with prenatal care and birth. 
  • WIC (Women’s, Infants, and Children’s) program: If you choose to carry your pregnancy to term, WIC will help provide you with education and resources such as food and diapers. Children are eligible up to the age of 5.

PRC Medical is here to help you build a pregnancy plan you feel confident with. Contact us today to make an appointment!