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What Are the Abortion Restrictions in Georgia?

With its strict abortion laws, abortion is legal in Georgia only up to 6 weeks of gestational age. To calculate how far along you are in your pregnancy, you’ll want to count back from the first day of your menstrual period.

If you’re already farther along than six weeks, you may be considering traveling out of state for an abortion or are interested in learning about all your pregnancy options.

Read this article to learn more about traveling out of state and recommended health screenings before an abortion.

How Much Does Traveling Out of State for an Abortion Cost?

If you consider traveling out of state, you would likely travel to South Carolina, which allows abortion up to 22 weeks of gestational age.

You should factor in the transportation, lodging, and any missed paychecks due to days off work for travel or recovery.

Abortion procedures themselves can vary based on the procedural type. If you don’t have insurance, medication abortions can cost up to $500, and surgical abortions, typically recommended later in the pregnancy, can cost several thousand dollars.

While it doesn’t have a monetary value, you should also consider your current mental health, the strain of travel, and your need to recover emotionally.

What Should I Do Before an Abortion?

We offer no-cost pregnancy services like clinic pregnancy testing and ultrasounds at PRC Medical. These essential screenings can provide valuable details such as the viability of the pregnancy, the location, and the gestational age.

The facts can alert you to possible complications, such as an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage, requiring different medical procedures than an elective abortion.

Knowing the age of the pregnancy can also inform you of what procedures you are eligible for. In addition to this, depending on your health history, other tests may be indicated. For example the nurse may recommend checking your hemoglobin if there is a history of anemia, Rh testing if your blood type is unknown or STI screening if that’s a risk. Along with an ultrasound, these tests may reduce your risk of complications during abortion.

Options Counseling

Women should feel empowered to choose the best option for their future and reproductive health. We are here to help equip you through resources and evidence-based education.

Our clinic offers complimentary options consultations where you can ask questions and share your concerns. We can help you make a pregnancy plan so you feel confident. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!