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3 Things Needed Before Abortion

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, there are a couple of highly recommended health screenings that you’ll want to schedule first. The following screenings can give you peace of mind and more information about your pregnancy, empowering you to make an informed decision.

Pregnancy Testing

If you haven’t already, taking a pregnancy test is essential before you move forward with anything else. It removes any potential what-ifs and gives you more confidence as you plan. 

At-home pregnancy tests are intentionally very sensitive, meaning they are designed to detect the pregnancy hormone as early as possible. Unfortunately this high sensitivity risks providing a false positive result. If you take the test too early or if it is expired or defective, you may get a false reading.  

On the other hand,  clinical pregnancy tests have a higher threshold for hormone concentration, making them highly accurate, though a few days later, in detecting true pregnancy. They are also batch tested on site for efficacy.

At PRC Medical, we offer no-cost Clinical pregnancy testing. We also help you calculate the pregnancy test timing based on your last missed period. 

Next Steps After a Positive Test

An ultrasound should be your next step if your pregnancy test reads positive. This step can verify that the pregnancy is located in the uterus. If it’s located outside the womb, this is called an ectopic pregnancy.  Ectopic pregnancy can not be treated with abortion but requires immediate medical attention. 

In addition to the location, an ultrasound will tell you of the pregnancy’s viability. An estimated 26% of pregnancy ends in miscarriage, so it’s possible that you may not need an elective abortion or may require intervention from a medical provider. 

An ultrasound will date the pregnancy so you’ll know it’s gestational age. This can also inform you if you’re eligible for certain procedures, such as the abortion pill.

Protect Yourself With an STD Test

For your safety and well-being, we recommend getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases before an abortion procedure. Sexually transmitted infections are common, and according to the CDC, infection rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are high in Georgia.  Detecting and treating STDs early reduces the risk of complications like pelvic infection.

The good news is that most STDs are very treatable, especially if detected early. At PRC Medical Clinic, we offer no-cost STD testing and can provide treatment if an STD comes back positive.

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 At PRC Medical, we focus on your health, safety, and well-being. We offer no-cost services, so you have time to consider your options without added stress.

Our caring staff is ready to help without judgment and provide reliable information to help empower you on this journey. Contact us today for a confidential appointment!